lundi 19 février 2007

The 18-200mm For Everything? Not.

I finally received the 18-200mm 2 months after having ordered it. Was it worth the wait? Well I don't know yet.
It turns out that everything can be automatic with the 18-200mm (focus, metering, iso) and I am not yet used to these settings and to change these settings quickly and well to take good pictures.
Here is a shot a sunny day in Paris.

Below are other shots in a forest around Paris.
I seem to always need to change the settings, at least with +/- and still take time to shoot as the automatic exposure is crappy in many conditions.

So far I would say I feel like the 55mm f/1.2 makes me more creative. With it, you can do maybe less, but different. Maybe it's just the time it takes to be in focus that makes me think more.

mercredi 10 janvier 2007

The Great Nikkor 55mm f/1.2

After being shipped with a D80 without objective, this was one of my few options, an old manual 55mm from the 70s. I was intrigued by the fact it was f/1.2 and quickly decided to give it a try.No automatic focus, no aperture indication, no auto ISO is the result of using a manual obj on D80. On the plus side, there is a focus indicator, but it does not work in low light. While not having automatic focus is a real pain (and even with the indicator, it does take quite some time), not having exposition information is no big deal, it's quick to change settings and take several pictures. In many situation you don't need to change exposition dramatically and in the end you get used to evaluate it.I went to the forest next to my parents place for a walk on a dark winter day. And here are some shots I got. I was shocked by the luminosity in these conditions.