lundi 19 février 2007

The 18-200mm For Everything? Not.

I finally received the 18-200mm 2 months after having ordered it. Was it worth the wait? Well I don't know yet.
It turns out that everything can be automatic with the 18-200mm (focus, metering, iso) and I am not yet used to these settings and to change these settings quickly and well to take good pictures.
Here is a shot a sunny day in Paris.

Below are other shots in a forest around Paris.
I seem to always need to change the settings, at least with +/- and still take time to shoot as the automatic exposure is crappy in many conditions.

So far I would say I feel like the 55mm f/1.2 makes me more creative. With it, you can do maybe less, but different. Maybe it's just the time it takes to be in focus that makes me think more.

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